National Foods wants us to reduce waste to save Pakistan's natural resources. Here's how

Updated 25 Jun, 2021 04:43pm


Several celebs and influencers have joined hands to promote the cause of making Pakistan cleaner and greener.

In a bid to celebrate World Environment Day this June 5, National Foods has taken yet another step towards upholding its values of being responsible and leading by example.

As a leading global brand that is known for its love towards nature, the brand is doing all to not just come up with great products, but also do so responsibly.

What is #LetsPlantOurFuture?

Among its many efforts towards saving the Earth's resources and encouraging Pakistanis to do the same, National Foods has launched a new initiative through which it is now developing special optimised packs for Recipe Mixes, in both single and double packs, and customising material use across multiple product ranges.

The company has successfully reduced the use of paper material board, consequently reducing tree-felling rate, thus playing its role towards reducing our carbon footprint.

This has resulted in reduced carbon emissions and limited carbon footprint by a whopping 25%.

Here's an important message the brand is actively spreading:

With this initiative National Foods is also collaborating with the government of Pakistan and WWF to safeguard and promote efforts towards tree plantation and reforestation on the national level.

People across Pakistan have been participating in the plantation drive and raising their voices collectively to promote the cause on the official hashtag #LetsPlantOurFuture, which became one of on the top five trends of Pakistan.

Our favourite influencers are actively backing the initiative

In a bid to promote the cause while encouraging people to participate, National Foods Ltd sent out 150+ eco-friendly giveaways to influencers in order promote the cause of reducing the carbon foot print. These giveaways held a variety of seeds, including sunflower, cantaloup and okra, with adorable planters along with the brand's newly introduced recipe mix packs.

Along with that, the brand also collaborated with NOWPDP's Shamil program to co-create unique eco-friendly reusable bags that carried the giveaway items.

As part of the drive, the brand asked each of the influencers to plant seeds for a cleaner and greener Pakistan and support the #LetsPlantOurFuture project.

An interesting conversation started on Instagram and Twitter, appreciating the National Foods' initiative on the World Environment Day.

Here is a list some of our favourite tweets and Instagram posts:

Aden Rehan is telling us why it is important to promote the initiative

This influencer is already planting her very first sapling

This one's explaining how National Foods' new packaging is helping save the environment

This one's already got a cute planter ready

This one's encouraging everybody to participate in the drive

How adorable is this photo of the cute care-for-the-planet package?

Pakistani celebs also joined hands to endorse the campaign

The hashtag was promoted by some of our favourite celebrities who pledged to play an integral part in making Pakistan greener.

Celebs like, Fakhr-i-Alam, Iqrar-Ul-Hasan, and Sidra Iqbal took to Twitter to talk about National Food’s green initiative and asked their followers to participate in the plantation drive.

Here's what Iqrar ul Hasan said about the initiative

Fakhr-i-Alam pledged to do his best to turn Pakistan into a cleaner, greener state

Sidra Iqbal also pledged to plant more trees

With this initiative, National Foods is reminding us that every single seed counts. By endorsing and participating in the #LetsPlantOurFuture campaign, we will all be able to make Pakistan green again.

Not only has National Foods already taken the first step towards building a better environment for our future generations, the brand is actively aiming to relight our passion and spirit towards saving the planet by starting from our own homes.

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