Twitter can't stop laughing at rumours of Babar Azam 'succumbing' to a cousin marriage

Twitter can't stop laughing at rumours of Babar Azam 'succumbing' to a cousin marriage

What is the best way to escape the phuppo ki beti/beta phenomenon? The world’s best batsman doesn’t seem to know either.
02 Jun, 2021

"Sources" have claimed that Pakistan's national cricket team captain Babar Azam has gotten engaged to his paternal cousin and while there has been no confirmation from the man himself, social media has gone wild.

Several news networks, most notably Geo and The News broke the story. They quoted sources who claimed that the two families have had an agreement and the marriage will take place next year.

Funnily enough, just last week Pakistan's ex-captain Azhar Ali was doing a Q&A with fans on Twitter and a fan asked him for some words for the current skipper. He replied with "shadi ker lay [get married]".

Of the many pieces of advice Azam has probably received from Ali, captain to captain, this one seems to be among the most heartfelt. He even added three heart emojis.

Some fans rejoiced at the news.

Others, however, had their eyes set on something else.

Families agreeing to a marriage between cousins is not unheard of in Pakistan, but the phenomenon has become the butt of internet jokes.

One does as they wish in life, makes plans and sets their sights on dreams, but regardless of how far they walk, the phuppo ki beti/beta is always right around the corner. Such is life. And as common an occurrence it is, it amused the internet nonetheless.

If the national captain can't escape a cousin marriage, how do we think we can?

There was also some serious criticism on the issue.

Lastly, there was a third category of fans — those that refused to buy the news. Their skepticism is justified as there has been no official announcement.

We're not sure if congratulations are in order just yet for Azam so we'll just wait for him to announce the news himself.