If you harass Alyzeh Gabol online, she's going to take you straight to court

If you harass Alyzeh Gabol online, she's going to take you straight to court

She registered a case against Instagram pages impersonating her and spreading lies about her.
02 Jun, 2021

Celebrities are often on the receiving end of criticism online, but the line between disapproval and disrespect is often blurred if not outright erased. But actor and model Alyzeh Gabol has made it clear that she isn't tolerating disrespect and is drawing her own line.

She was furious after fake accounts began impersonating her, posting lies and invading her privacy, which people forget public personalities are entitled to. Gabol announced that she was taking the matter to the authorities.

She petitioned a Lahore court, through her lawyer, for an FIR to be registered against the owners of these accounts and the district and sessions court approved her petition. It ordered on May 31, the FIA to register FIRs against the account owners.

"Making fake accounts, posting someone's pictures, violating dignity of a person is a heinous crime," she posted. "After that, running away shows how coward[ly] you are." She then spoke about how her lawyer is taking care of the culprits who were guilty of character assassinating her and others like her.

"We'll see them behind bars In Shaa Allah!" she added. "It's always better to go through the law."

Her lawyer Haris Shahzad also posted screenshots online in which the fake account owners responded with apologises and deleted the offensive posts.

He was extremely angry at the explanations, dismissing that such bullying was not "fun".

Like Mansha Pasha put it, "you can't justify cruelty by calling it an opinion".

You can follow celebrities online and enjoy their content but don't take it further than that. We've heard countless cases of "fans" violating celebrities' privacy, such as a stalker showing up at Noor Bukhari's house, and many more of people spreading hate and false rumours about them. It's time for people to understand that you can't get away with saying horrible lies about people just because you're on the internet.

We're glad Gabol took this step and hope more celebrities stand up for themselves and take legal action against people spreading lies about them or impersonating them. Celebrities are people, just like us, and you shouldn't be treating them like this.