Bilal Khan recaps the past year of his life with latest song 'Marjawan'

Published 28 May, 2021 05:52pm

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He reflects on his solitary life in lockdown and how it has changed him profoundly.

'Bachana' singer and one of the Coke Studio’s early prodigies, Bilal Khan, has released a new song — a love song titled 'Marjawan' — as part of his ongoing song releasing spree. He has now released eight songs since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic.

His latest song is a soft vibe pop track, neatly produced and in true Bilal Khan style, very romantic. The lyrics, the composition and the melody all sound very familiar to those who know and love his style.

The music video, however, is where Khan got creative. The video is essentially a vlog, shot around picturesque locations in Montreal, Canada where he offers a recap of his life over the past year.

The video has a very feel good, breezy vibe to it and provides us with an intimate look into his life during the pandemic. This approach sits quite well with the whisper softness he’s got going on in the song.

This format is developing into a signature style for Khan, who released song 'Tum Ho' last year, also with a music plus vlog concept. In fact, 'Marjawan' serves in some ways as a sequel of sorts to 'Tum Ho', the singer indicates.

Khan says his life has changed in many ways since his last update, 'Tum Ho', was released. While the pandemic is not over yet, he’s gotten his first jab of the Covid vaccine and things have generally been seeming more normal these days. He claims that all this time alone, with two attempts to return to Pakistan failing, has made him more profound because he found a "world within."

Later in the video, Khan reveals that “someone who I used to know once, got married this year,” saying he ate pizza the night he found out and "it was delicious.”

And maybe that’s where the lyrics come from.

He announced his song on Instagram uploading a video of himself lip syncing to 'Marjawan' and asking his fans what their favourite line from the song was.

What did you think of the song?