Shan's latest TVC is encouraging us to be more inclusive this Ramazan. Here's how

Updated 12 May, 2021 12:04pm


The global spice brand is actively spreading the message of love and unity, and we're here for it.

The global spice brand is actively spreading the message of love and unity, and we're here for it.
The global spice brand is actively spreading the message of love and unity, and we're here for it.

If there's one thing the coronavirus pandemic has taught us, it's that kindness transcends all, permeating walls and boundaries.

Staying kind and undivided in such trying times has become the need of the hour and Shan's latest Ramazan campaign is reiterating just that.

The message is based on the idea that humanity comes first and we need to stay united in the face of adversity as one big community.

And what better time to put our differences aside than the holy month of Ramazan when the spirit of giving and sharing is acknowledged and amplified across the world?

Here's why the campaign has caught our eye:

The ad aptly captures the essence of Ramazan through powerful lyrics borrowed from Bulleh Shah

While there's not lots happening in the first few seconds, the ad really picks up when the identity of the man of the house is revealed; a Sikh Pakistani arranges for an Iftar for his Muslim brethren.

Heartwarming visuals complemented by thought-provoking couplets of Sufi poet Bulleh Shah makes a rather emotive combo.

The warmth of the lyrics sends out the campaign's message loud and clear; if God doesn't differentiate between people of various religions and sects while providing for them, why should we?

The campaign looks beyond our obvious differences to celebrate diversity

The ad's tagline 'Muhabbat, salaamti, aur aman ka paigham he tou hai shan-e-Ramazan' (Love and peace is the true essence of Ramazan) urges viewers to set our differences aside and respect one another as human beings.

The storyline also shares how we can only fulfil the true spiritual pre-requisites of the holy month by treating everyone as equal.

This message of unity and inclusiveness has truly won our heart.

Strong visuals and acting skills make us feel like we are all part of those Iftar preps

Beautifully colour-graded visuals and stellar performances by the protagonists make us feel every inch of the festivity and excitement present in the air, while the story takes us through beautiful Iftar preps moving from one scene to another.

As audience, we feel the strength of the campaign's message delivery, in terms of visuals, storyline, acting and lyrics, is what creates all the impact we need to actively spread the message of inclusivity.

Watch the full TVC here:

Shan foods has actually gone global

We bet you know the brand only recently basked in attention and applause when supermodel Gigi Hadid shared a glimpse of her spice-filled pantry with a box of Shan masala peeking from the cabinet. Yes, we were equally surprised!

A short while later, a box of Shan masala was also spotted on the cooking counter of one of the participants in Masterchef Australia season 13, episode 4.

All these moments of international fame prove how the brand has transcended geographical and cultural boundaries to spread the message of togetherness, and now that is what it's preaching consumers.

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