There isn't one character in Free Fire's new short film we can't relate to. Here's why

Updated 11 May, 2021 03:46pm


Ek Ghar Ki Kahani, Ramazan Ki Meharbani follows a family on a typical day in Ramazan.

Ek Ghar Ki Kahani, Ramzan Ki Meharbani follows a family on a typical day in Ramazan.
Ek Ghar Ki Kahani, Ramzan Ki Meharbani follows a family on a typical day in Ramazan.

After the success of its mobile game, Garena Free Fire has now released an exciting short film Ek Ghar Ki Kahani, Ramzan Ki Meharbani as part of its ongoing Dosti Yaari campaign.

The 13-minute short film follows a family's day in Ramazan.

Sharing the story of a mom, dad and three children, Zeeshan, Zeeniya and Zain (played by Aadi Khan, Areesha Razi and Sami Khan respectively), who are borderline obsessed with the Free Fire mobile game, the short film is filled with reflections of moments every desi household experiences, and is bound to make one nod and smile.

What's particularly applaudable is how all of us can relate to at least one character from the family in the film.

Tell us which one's you:

1. The mom complaining about her family being of no help is our mom

From the Herculean task of waking her children up for Sehri to constantly being bitter about having to do all the house chores on her own, is exactly what our moms would relate to the most.

And to top it all, the kids imitate their mother's repetitive sniveling in the short film, where she goes like, "Aj kal ke bachche bohat he koi badtameez hain!" (kids are so ill-mannered these days) in exasperation.

Well... guilty as charged!

2. Trying to stay up till sehri like Zeeshan

Whether it's killing time on the streets playing Free Fire night matches or scrolling feeds on our phones, we're honestly just trying to make it till Sehri like the eldest son of this family.

While that might not get him (read: us) his parents' approval, staying up to date with all the prizes being given away as part of the mobile game's latest Dosti Yaari campaign does win him a nod of approval.

3. Killing time chatting or learning a new skill like Zeeniya

Do you also sleep just two hours before Sehri because beauty sleep is essential?

In a world of Zeeshans, we long to become Zeeniyas, who try and make the most out of their free time during Ramazan, catching up with friends and perfecting make up skills.

4. Let's just admit, we are all Zains here

Can't get enough sleep, can't get enough water, can't get enough prizes!

Whether it's his race against time trying to down a gallon of water during Sehri (followed by at least a gazillion bathroom trips before noon), or spending the rest of the day under a shower or watching food videos on Instagram, snippets from Zain's life are 100% relatable.

With all characters delivering stellar performances that make up a worthy storyline, we feel this short film portrays just how exhausting yet fun 2021's Ramazan has been for us.

Watch the short film here:

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