Juvaria Abbasi talks about the liberating experience of being a single mother

Published 29 Apr, 2021 12:13pm

Images Staff

"I earn well, my lifestyle is decent, I have a child. Whatever I earn, I can Alhamdulillah give her a great life," she said.

After mesmerising audiences with her strong supporting roles, Juvaria Abbasi recently opened up about what it is like to be a single mother working in the entertainment industry in Pakistan.

In an interview with Fuschia Magazine, the Raqs e Bismil actor spoke about the experience of raising her daughter single-handedly, shattering the stereotype that single mothers always go through challenging situations and are unable to raise a child alone.

"Why does everyone say being a single mother is difficult? It is fun. It's such an exciting thing," Abbasi said.

"Just because we live in a society that believes you need a husband and that a man will raise a child, we think like this. Otherwise, what's the need? I'm an actress, I earn well, I live in a good place, my lifestyle is decent, I have a child. Whatever I earn, I can Alhamdulillah give my child a great life. I don't need a man," she said.

Talking about her daughter, she then reaffirmed her stance. "And I did raise her well. I have an amazing daughter Ma Sha Allah, she's beautiful, she's working, I'm so happy that she's a well educated girl. What else do you want in life?" Abbasi asked, saying that she knows how she raised her child, how she has turned out, and thinks she's perfectly fine. "I couldn't have done better than this. This was my best."

She then encouraged women around her to look at the brighter side of leaving an ugly relationship.

"Stop crying about being single. God forbid I'm not saying that you shouldn't get married, or you should get separated from your spouse. But if such an unfortunate event has happened and just in case you're there, live your life. Allah has given you a chance to leave a toxic relationship and build one with yourself," she said.

"We build a relationship with our parents, siblings, spouses, children but never with ourselves. When a person finds their true self, understands themselves, life becomes much easier," Abbasi said.

The actor was married to actor and director Shamoon Abbasi, who then married and divorced Humaima Malik. The pair separated in 2007 and have a daughter Anzela Abbasi, who lives with her mother.