Updated 23 Apr, 2021

When people opened Instagram on Friday and saw a video of Shahroz Sabzwari jogging topless through the streets of Karachi, they weren't pleased.

A cameraman and possibly a light guy follow the three topless men as they jog in a seemingly harmless bout of exercise after iftar. But what was a pious and God fearing man like Sabzwari doing running topless on the streets, asked people of the internet.

"Mardon ka bhee parda hota hai waisey [Even men are ordered by God to cover themselves]," commented one user on the Galaxy Lollywood post, asking "does parda in our society only apply to women?"

"Kon mere mulk ke beton ko sarak pe nanga dora raha hai? [Who's making my nation's sons run naked on the streets]," asked a user with great concern under the same post. Their question is genuine. Is this the west, with its moral decline and drugs, sex and rock and roll ruining eastern values? Driving our men to the streets naked, when they should be covered and modest. The western influenced men are spilling some real fahashi on the streets. In fact, as one comment rightfully pointed out, "West main bhi mard ese nangey nahi bhaagtay! [Even in the west men don't run around naked like this!]"

In fact, most of the comments on the Galaxy Lollywood post were rather uncomplimentary. "Is this the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?" was a common expression on the thread, as it generally is in matters of such moral degeneracy.

And so on and so forth. You get the gist of it.

We shouldn't be surprised at this though. Sabzwari has quite explicitly made public his desire not to be politically correct.

This guy's mom had some choice words for Sabzwari.

The reason people are mocking him for his shirtless video is his opinions, which don't really mesh with a lifestyle of roaming around in the streets topless. People took issue with some of his posts on the TLP protests.

Suffice to say, people aren't too fond of him at the moment and have a lot to say about his opinions.