Local influencers are discussing the new Surf Excel Ramazan TVC. Here's what they have to say

Local influencers are discussing the new Surf Excel Ramazan TVC. Here's what they have to say

They agree that the idea of #EkMukammalJahan is worth considering.
Updated 26 Apr, 2021

Each Ramazan, Surf Excel presents us with unique ads that combine powerful messaging with beautiful visuals to encapsulate the true spirit of the holy month.

This year, the brand is helping us understand the concept of neki a little better by suggesting a ‘home for all’, where the old and the orphaned can find love and peace in each other’s company.

To further this discourse, the brand got together prominent local influencers, like Aamna Isani, Maliha Rehman, Amna Niazi, Momin Ali Munshi, Hunaina Rasool, Faiza Saleem, Daniyal Sheikh, Hassan Choudary, Manahyl Shafiq and Humna Raza, on a Zoom call to talk about the new advert.

Discussing the wonders of powerful storytelling on a Zoom call

Starting a conversation around the understanding of the ethos of Surf Excel's Ramazan ads, our favourite influencers discussed the elements of storytelling and the power of strong dialogues that have skillfully maximised impact over the years for Surf Excel.

"Where do they find kids who act so well?" Hamna Raza mused, and then said, "I think it's the music and the expressions which make you cry naturally."

Interestingly, the panel drew parallels with the lockdown situation and staying isolated during Covid times, empathising how orphaned kids and the elderly in old age homes experience the same loneliness everyday.

"I got Covid-19 a while back and had to stay locked in for 14 days. They were the most lonely days of my life, and these kids and elders at special homes go through the feeling every day," Hassan Choudhry said. "I think the ad encapsulates that feeling of desolation really well, which we all have experienced in the past year."

Some related to the ad on a more personal level

"I remember how close I was to my grandparents as a kid. They would share stories from the past and although the snippets soon grew repetitive but the stories remained fun because it was a special moment I was sharing with my loved ones. I love how the ad portrays this relationship," expressed Daniyal Sheikh.

Hunaina Rasool also added, "My mom is always asking me to be with her and not leave her alone. I think the ad touched me harder because I know people of this age are constantly in need of companionship."

"Surprisingly people think there are no old age homes in Pakistan, but there are. That is one thing that struck me in the ad; that there are so many elderly people spending the rest of their lives away from their families. It's really heart-breaking," Manahil Shafiq shared.

Many in the group thought the #EkMukammalJahan suggestion the new Surf Excel makes of combining the two facilities - old age homes and orphanages is solid and worth considering.

"The kids looked happy and that's something to look up to," observed Amna Niazi. "You can build such spaces where the elderly are safe and happy, and the children are connected."

Watch snippets from the Zoom call here:

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Comments Apr 26, 2021 05:31pm
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IK Apr 27, 2021 10:18am
Orphanages & Old age homes should be built together side by side in future
Rubina Apr 27, 2021 01:12pm
A very beautiful ad with a most effective and innovative message ‘home for all’, It never ceases to bring tears to my eyes, no matter how many times I watch it. Even my 4 year old nephew is touched to hear the child saying "sath reh lein gay to koi akela nahee rahay ga"