Adnan Siddiqui shared his shampoo ad from the 90s and we're drowning in nostalgia

Adnan Siddiqui shared his shampoo ad from the 90s and we're drowning in nostalgia

The actor uploaded the TVC, reminiscing about his career and sharing a weird story from the shoot.
15 Apr, 2021

Seasoned model and actor Adnan Siddiqui reached far into his archives to pull out his TVC for Pert Shampoo from the 90s. Posting the ad on Instagram, he also shared an anecdote from his time shooting the TVC, reflecting on his journey as a media personality.

Siddiqui started his career as a model in the late 80s or early 90s, and didn't really step into an acting role till a later part in his career. While the actor did start appearing in drama serials in the 90s, it wasn't until the 2000s that his popularity as an actor took off with his role in drama Zub-un-Nisa.

"I must be in my early 20s when I shot one of my first TV ads for Pert Shampoo," the actor reminisced. Reflecting on the tagline of the advertisement — 'Hum baal dho rahey hain aur khayal badal rahey hain [we're washing hair and changing perspectives' — in retrospect, Siddiqui noted it was quite illogical. To be honest, we are having a tough time understanding it too, what were they trying to sell?

Siddiqui shared that during that time in his career, he was "quite content with being a model", and "had no plans to join the television industry". Can you imagine an alternate universe where he didn't change his mind, and never stepped into TV acting? Would we have never gotten half the great serials he's made or would we then be writing this article about someone else? It's anybody's call.

The actor shared a weird story from his time shooting the TVC as well. "As part of the storyboard, I had also visited a girls' college," he wrote. "Before my interaction with the students, the principal invited me to her office and quite sheepishly ask me to tell the students that I'm engaged!"

Having been students in Karachi, as absurd as that may sound, we can totally see that happening.

Siddiqui confessed he was also pretty lost about the entire situation. "Well, I followed through," he said. "I am not sure till date that it made any difference to them." We're pretty sure the female students at that college weren't about to run amok at the thought of a single model on campus and agree it probably didn't make much of a difference to them.

The TVC was shot in Clifton of the 90s, before every piece of land in the neighborhood fell prey to builders and concrete towers started reigning. While it is not a great piece of film to study old Karachi in, it is noteworthy that there is significantly less traffic on the streets and how chill everyone was.

If Siddiqui walks up to one of our urban birds with a camera today — Urban bird late for work, school, tuition, or literally anything — putting a shampoo in their face, he might've gotten a very different response.

At the end of his post, he also posed a question for his fans, wanting to "juggle their grey cells a bit". "Can you spot who is the doctor cum model cum actress in the ad?"

Fans in the comment section seem to be certain its Nadia Husain. What's your guess?


Asif Apr 15, 2021 11:41am
Yet another. Pretty boring.
Majid Apr 15, 2021 12:36pm
I remember this ad from my childhood. Nostalgia all along.
Salman Apr 15, 2021 03:26pm
There is Nadia Hussain in the glasses and also her brother Adnan Hussain with the long black hair at the end of the hair show
Fizza Apr 15, 2021 06:58pm
Nadia Hussain
RE Apr 16, 2021 12:35pm
Early twenties! Seriously Adnan Siddique? How old were you then when you did drama Uroosa? A toddler perhaps.