Teach your kids to do good deeds this Ramazan with this guide from Toni & Guy's Shammal Qureshi

Published 15 Apr, 2021 10:26am

Images Staff

He and his family have created a list of challenges and activities to do this holy month.

A good deed a day? Sounds like the perfect way to spend the holy month of Ramazan and the CEO and creative director of Toni & Guy Pakistan, Shammal Qureshi, has it all planned out!

The hair maestro took to social media to share his upcoming plans for the month with a lovely picture of his family.

"Zoay Qureshi, my seven-year-old daughter and mom Redah Misbah have created a '30 Days of Good deeds and Charity' inspired by the month of Ramazan. In hopes that it will educate us and others around us about the so many beautiful ways we can do charity and good deeds every single day and make them a part of our lives," he posted on Instagram.

He said his family would love for everyone to be a part of the journey and join them in the challenge. "Even a few will make a big difference!" he added, sharing a picture of the activity box, the first of which was done as an example.

"On the next page is her list of challenges/topics and the activity section is for you to fill. The hadith column is what she could find online, there are multiple hadiths per topic so please research on your own too and counter check. Please pass on to inspire others to join in her movement! Ramazan Mubarak," he said.

Qureshi also encouraged people to send him a message in case they needed the form in a PDF format.

There are 30 challenges on the list, including feeding the needy, helping widows, smiling, removing harmful things from a road and supporting a business. The list encourages people to do good deeds this holy month and is a fun and creative way to teach children about Islam.

We love seeing people teaching their children in innovative ways and this might just be one of the nicest ways we've seen in a while to encourage children to do good deeds.