4 oddly satisfying coffee combos that will blow your mind

Published 24 Apr, 2021 11:58am

We mixed some fun food items with our latte to invent exciting summer drinks.

We mixed some fun food items with our latte to invent some exciting summer drinks.
We mixed some fun food items with our latte to invent some exciting summer drinks.

If you’re an actual coffee enthusiast, there is a really good chance you'll join either of these camps: the ones that display undying loyalty towards your summery serving of iced latte, or a double shot, extra-bitter espresso is your everyday go-to.


You're simply devoted to all things coffee and are always down for trying new things, no matter how wild or wacky! (trust us, it's about to get really wacky in here)

If you're nodding your head to the latter, buckle up because you're in for a jolt as we try some really cray coffee combos that may actually help us fight that heartless summer heat.

Watch it all here:

How to make scrumptious summer drinks with a latte

We're laying out all the details to how we actually prepped each of these concoctions.

Let's do this:

1. Go nuts with coffee and coconut water

Now this combo might send shivers down your spine but it's really not as odd as it sounds (promise!)

This rich, milky concoction paired with the right kick of caffeine is exactly what you need to jazz up a dreadful Monday.

And you know, the nutty aftertaste makes it taste almost exotic.

Fun fact: This healthier sweet treat may help speed up metabolism and improve energy levels.

2. This coffee and rose syrup mix can be your go-to this Ramazan!

Now this is a coffee recipe everyone in your family would approve of! No kidding.

This sweet, floral drink is as refreshing as it looks. Rose petals contain vitamins, antioxidants and have therapeutic benefits so this one's bound to make for a delightful, iftar drink.

3. Coffee soda-licious you'd want more

Fun, fizzy and frothy, this soft coffee tastes bubbly and creamy - almost like a float!

If you're big on the soft drink and ice cream combo, there's a really good chance this one will sweep you off your feet.

Dare we say anything and everything with a kick of soda is instantly summer-friendly, right?

4. Green tea and coffee are mint to be

Disclaimer: this combo's not for the faint hearted.

The first sip is confusing as you get hit by an avalanche of flavours, but as the storm (in your mouth) passes, you're instantly able to get that the taste is actually pretty unique.

The first thing we noticed is the mixed aroma of freshly brewed green tea and coffee - it sounds paradoxically unappetizing but one sip and you're convinced otherwise.

Coffee and green tea are powerhouses of antioxidants and together, the two offer increased metabolism and sustained energy. What more do we need in this heat with rozas coming!

Now, dare we call this a lemonatte?

Would you dare try one of these combos soon? Tell us what and how in the comments below.

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