What makes Iqra Aziz and her mother glow? Power, according to Yasir Hussain

What makes Iqra Aziz and her mother glow? Power, according to Yasir Hussain

He posted a picture of his wife and mother-in-law in Iqra's new car and his caption is winning hearts.
08 Apr, 2021

Actor and self proclaimed magnet of controversy Yasir Hussain dedicated his most recent Instagram post to the strong women in his life — his mother-in-law Asiya Aziz and wife Iqra Aziz.

Congratulating his wife on buying her new car, he took the chance to sing praises for both Iqra and Asiya, who is Pakistan's first female Careem captain.

This is one post that definitely won't be raising any controversies.

"Powerful women have a distinct glow to their faces," he said.

The picture features Iqra sitting in the driver's seat of her brand new car, all smiles for the camera, and her mother in the front passenger seat, with the modest smile of an accomplished woman and we love it.

We first heard of Asiya being Pakistan's first woman Careem captain from Iqra herself in a 2018 interview with renowned fashion designer HSY.

"I was brought up by a single mother. It wasn't easy for her to make it, but she worked really hard and got me where I am today," she told HSY. "She was also Pakistan's first Careem captain!" she had announced.

"Me, my sister, and everyone else really supported her," she continued. "To be a woman and a Careem captain might seem weird to some people, given that she's actress Iqra Aziz's mother, but to go in and show men that women are equally as capable is an impressive feat, one to be proud of."