STARZPLAY and Angeline Malik are discussing family planning and reproductive rights in upcoming film

STARZPLAY and Angeline Malik are discussing family planning and reproductive rights in upcoming film

Khushkhabri Kay Baad is a story of a couple that realises their household does not encourage the use of contraceptives.
Updated 07 Apr, 2021

STARZPLAY, one of the fastest growing streaming platform in Pakistan, has just released Angeline Malik’s original short film Khushkhabri Kay Baad (KKB) exclusively on its app and website.

The 38-minute dramedy centers on planned parenthood and the use of contraceptives, one of the most sensitive taboos of our society, which is bound to trigger meaningful conversations all around.

When it comes to film, theatre and arts, STARZPLAY has always encouraged local talent and initiatives and collaborating with Angeline Malik, an accomplished actress and director in her own right, seems only plausible.

Why Khushkhabri Kay Baad is highlighting the struggles of unplanned pregnancies

Starring talented actors like Hajra Yamin, Saleem Mairaj, Nazli Nasr and Hassan Raza, the film revolves around a newly-married couple that has dreams to fulfill and milestones to achieve.

However, on their wedding night, Noor (the wife) comes to realise that she has married into a growing family of eight siblings, with no concept of planned pregnancies or contraception.

This revelation is all the more bothersome for the girl because she is a family-planning doctor herself.

Popular for her thought-provoking shows, Malik has a knack for highlighting social issues in a manner that is eye-opening, unconventional and informative.

The director had been working on Khushkhabri Kay Baad for quite a while with Aahung, an NGO that works on improving the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of men, women and children of Pakistan.

Speaking about the release of her movie, Angeline Malik said, “Pakistan has been producing many dramas and films in the past but none of the topics discussed are core issues. We, as Pakistanis, would consider it unethical when talking about family planning in films or dramas, but if we were to show domestic violence, we are at the forefront of such a display. I want the women of Pakistan to know they have rights which can be granted; if open discussions are had and if shown in the right manner, they can be educative for our youth. I am proud of my team of actors who have taken such a step and have encouraged me to make such a film.”

Watch the trailer for KKB here:

Malik's longest running TV show Kitni Girhain Baaqi Hain, which focused on women empowerment, not only ran on Pakistani TV channels but also gained considerable mileage and exposure in the international mediascape.

Speaking about Khushkhabri Kay Baad, Arif Baig Mohamed, Chairman Cinepax Group, said, “STARZPLAY has always believed in promoting local talent and conducting SSFC in 2019 marked the beginning of our dream. 2020 was hit by Covid-19 which brought unprecedented challenges for all, specially for the arts and culture sector, particularly after the closure of cinemas. Whereas, STARZPLAY reported a whopping 400% increase in content consumption on its platform last year and is also launching two more exciting projects this year. So stay on a look out for our upcoming, original TV shows which will keep you glued to your STARZPLAY screens till the very end.”

STARZPLAY by Cinepax is a subscription video on demand service offering access to top international and local flicks.

The platform launched its first original mini-series, Kaash Keh in 2019 and has hosted three film festivals in Pakistan, STARZPLAY Short Film Competition (SSFC), Lahore International Children’s Film Festival (LICFF) and Caravan Film Festival, to promote local talent.

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Ehsan Apr 07, 2021 06:39pm
Need of the time
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Glen D'Abreo Apr 07, 2021 10:41pm
Why the big hulu bulu on "Birth Control" the message should be plan children into this world. Thus giving children a guaranteed balanced future and not bring children into this world who suffer because planned parent hood was not allowed by society!
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Ali da Malanga Apr 08, 2021 06:03am
@Glen D - "...bring children into this world who suffer because planned parent hood was not allowed by society!" Education for the purpose of creating awareness of population control is fine and need of the hour. However, Planned Parent Hood is also an advocate of abortions. So, you need to pick the right way of educating Pakistan's population.
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Ali Apr 08, 2021 04:49pm
This should have been done a long time ago. By the way loved the last scene.
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ahmad Apr 09, 2021 12:47pm
While this is more about reproductive rights, but If anyone is actually serious about population control (which is slightly different issue) they need to educate the rural population
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