Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari urges people to get vaccinated as she announces she has Covid

Published 07 Apr, 2021 01:05pm

Images Staff

She told the public to call out people wearing their masks below their noses.

Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari is using her Covid-19 diagnosis to call for people to get vaccinated.

She announced on Twitter that she tested positive on April 2 and is recovering in isolation.

“Just a reminder to keep being cautious, call people out if their masks don’t cover their nose, get vaccinated and help those less fortunate to get vaccinated too,” she wrote.

People sent her their best wishes and hoped for a speedy recovery.

Bakhtawar’s brother Bilawal, the PPP chairman, has also had Covid and missed her engagement party because he was in isolation.

We’ve lost count of what wave of the virus Pakistan is entering but thousands of cases are being reported every day. Pakistan reported just under 4,000 cases on April 6, which was a 10-day low but shouldn’t be regarded a win by any means.

As vaccination drives continue, people still need to be careful about the virus and follow the government’s SOPs.

Many celebrities are getting vaccinated and urging people to get the jab too. We hope everyone will be responsible and continue to follow SOPs and wear masks.