Asim Azhar shares his version of Humraah from Bollywood film Malang

Asim Azhar shares his version of Humraah from Bollywood film Malang

The singer's track was meant to be in the film but due to the tensions between the two countries, it was replaced.
27 May, 2020

Asim Azhar recently revealed that he composed the track 'Humraah' for Bollywood movie Malang.

However, due to the tensions between India and Pakistan at the time, the singer's version was replaced with another. Now, Azhar has dropped his version of the track, which makes sure to remind his fans that he did compose the song.

The track has the same tune and melody as the version from the movie, showing that the producers did not switch up the track from Azhar's original composition.

The video features scenes from the movie along with clips of the singer belting his verses.

Previously in November, Azhar had shared with Images, “I had recorded the single and had gone to Sri Lanka and shot a beautiful video for it with Tanishk Bagchi, who is one of the most successful music video producers in India. My team at Universal Music India and I were planning the release when the cross-border situation suddenly worsened."

“We decided to wait it out until things improved. But that just didn’t happen. Now, we have come to terms with the fact that it may take considerable time before Indo-Pak relations become more peaceful.”

While he didn't confirm the movie's name with us then, we can conclude now it was related to Malang. It's good that Asim Azhar is able to share his original track, artists should be given their due credit.