Xulfi is the best option for Coke Studio, says Rohail Hyatt

Published 29 Mar, 2021 12:27pm

Images Staff

He said Bilal Maqsood might be working alone for Velo Sound Station.

Record producer, keyboardist, composer and the ultimate brains behind Coke Studio, Rohail Hyatt is a talent that needs no introduction. Unfortunately, however, the music maestro is stepping down from the production of the music franchise this season.

During a social media interaction with a fan, Hyatt confirmed that despite a new Coke Studio season being in the works, he was not going to be leading it this time. “I am sure CS is being planned but not by me,” he had said.

After pop band Strings, who were also one of the producers from seasons six till 10, announced their split, fans were wondering how the show would be moving forward.

"Maestro Rohail Hyatt, you've left Coke Studio, Strings have disbanded too. Who will be producing CS? Already feeling concerned," a fan asked on Twitter.

To this Hyatt responded, "Since Bilal worked alone at Velo, he might still do that again. There are many candidates for Coke Studio. Hopefully, Coke will find someone who is excited about producing It. Xulfi is the best option in my opinion."

He was referring to producer, singer-songwriter, composer and guitarist Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan of Entity Paradigm and Call.

Previously talking about the format of the show, Hyatt said it was an amalgamation of many cultures and directed towards a plethora of audiences — a format that should be consistent in the upcoming seasons.

“This is not a travelogue where the music is done separately. That can be a part of it, but the core Coke Studio is all about a meeting place. You meet there and go to wherever you came from. What’s left behind is what you share with the world. The core aspect of the format shouldn’t be changed.”