20 Mar, 2021

It's official, Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shigri are engaged!

Baig confirmed the news on Saturday in an Instagram post.

In the picture, the singer shows off her diamond engagement ring.

Baig and Shigri have been together for a while and haven't been shy about posting about their sweet love on social media. Baig officially confirmed news of their relationship in a September appearance on Nida Yasir's show.

During the show, she said they met when she went to record a song for Parey Hut Love, which Shigri starred in.

But both of them had been making social media envious way before the announcement.

In a January 2020 post, Shigri called the singer his better half.

In fact, Shigri is quite poetic when it comes to his ladylove. He recently posted an emotional note on Instagram to celebrate Baig's birthday. Calling her his partner, homie, muse and love, the actor wrote, "I love you, and you have no idea how important it is, the day you came into being."


Fastrack Mar 20, 2021 05:42pm
His second wife.
Minahil Mar 20, 2021 05:44pm
Our favourite love birds?? Whatever gave you THAT idea???
Miss Sunshine Mar 20, 2021 05:45pm
Get married if you are serious rather than giving us other proofs of your love
Iqbal Aswani Mar 20, 2021 06:27pm
Wasn’t he already married?
Farooq Ahmed Mar 20, 2021 06:28pm
Good luck duo, you guys look great together.
Shahid Mahmood Mar 20, 2021 07:54pm
Stay blessed
Zak Mar 20, 2021 08:06pm
Wish you a blissful future.
NYS Mar 21, 2021 12:04am
Cubid metaphor ! When Shigri made this relation official
White Noise Mar 21, 2021 01:42am
I have no idea who these two are but hey, she is hugging him !!! where is the mullah brigade?
Chacha Mar 21, 2021 02:01am
Sridhar Raghunath Rao Mar 21, 2021 07:58am
I have admired Aima Baig's rendering of "Strawberries and Cherries........." I sincerely wish her a happy married life
Salman Mar 21, 2021 11:02am
Aima Baig is definitely a rising star in Pakistani music industry while Shahbaz, well a new comer in our dramas. Not much people knew about him as compared to the girl.
Iqbal Aswani Mar 21, 2021 06:14pm
@White Noise They are nobody, so there is nobody :)
Farooque Fahad Mar 21, 2021 08:47pm
Birds on a twig they didn’t fly the roost they live there.
T-man Mar 21, 2021 08:59pm
Only fake people writes notes of love on social media. The are intended for other people not the latest person they are supposedly in love with.
ak4pk Mar 22, 2021 03:34am
@Fastrack, nothing wrong with that !
ak4pk Mar 22, 2021 03:55am
Nice to see two people so deeply in love, all the best for the future, looking forward to you pests getting hitched.
RationalBabu Mar 22, 2021 04:11am
@White Noise celebrities are allowed to hug and show their feelings - it’s only the ordinary folk who cause grave offence to other ordinary folk!
Dawar Naqvi Mar 22, 2021 09:18am
Last week we expelled young women and girl from university for the marriage proposal. Mashallah they married after they removed from the University. What about Baig and Shigri? And many young couples who are dating around us and we called them stars. Marriage proposal is a SIN and dating is Halal, It is Naya Pakistan?
Farooque Fahad Mar 22, 2021 07:47pm
It should be ok as long as the girl doesn’t propose on her knees in public.