A court ordered TikTok to be banned in Pakistan again and Twitter is losing it

A court ordered TikTok to be banned in Pakistan again and Twitter is losing it

The Peshawar High Court said videos being uploaded on the app are 'unacceptable for Pakistani society'.
11 Mar, 2021

Popular for its dubbing, remakes and short acting clips, video-sharing service TikTok has become a household name around the world.

The app, which allows users to create and share short videos with special effects, is hugely popular in the Subcontinent and looked upon as an outlet for people to unleash their creativity and connect with larger audiences.

However, the Peshawar High Court on Thursday ordered the PTA to ban the social media platform over proliferation of videos "spreading obscenity in society". A judge said videos being uploaded to TikTok were "unacceptable for Pakistani society".

However, Pakistani society didn't seem to agree — as Twitter was, once again, in an uproar..

Some couldn't handle it

While others were simply done

Some applauded the decision

While others weren't sure how to feel


Previously, actor and Jeeto Pakistan host Fahad Mustafa called on parents to keep their children away from TikTok in the wake of a 16-year-old from Sialkot dying after a pistol went off while he and his friends were filming a TikTok video. However, social media was quick to remind him that risky incidents were an indication of individual misuse, rather than an intrinsic fault with the platform itself.

A better solution would be to provide the public with alternative outlets, rather than banning the limited ones they already have.


People deserve better Mar 11, 2021 05:54pm
Wrong priorities, where do they get instructions from?
People deserve better Mar 11, 2021 05:56pm
They never order to stop killing transgenders, or give transgenders jobs in courts!
Roma Mar 11, 2021 06:42pm
Pakistan should also ban Youtube and Google. Preserving Culture is more important than Internet.
NYS Mar 11, 2021 06:58pm
Right time right decision
Dr. Sadela. Garib Halfmad Mar 11, 2021 09:05pm
Tiktok is bread and butter for Pakistan. Please do not ban it.
Selected PM Mar 11, 2021 09:20pm
We are following India.
Nayyar Rashid Mar 11, 2021 09:21pm
I don't understand why people need tik tok in the first place. there are already enough ways to waste your time on like facebook, instagram and youtube. people in advanced countries set up these platform and people in 3rd world country are happy to use it thinking it makes them feel advanced or what not.
Uyghyr ahmadi Mar 11, 2021 10:13pm
Iron brother is gonna love this
Wajahat Ali Khan Mar 12, 2021 11:22am
Excellent decision by the Hon'ble Peshawar High Court. Its about time someone brought this insanity to an end.
A Bostonian Mar 13, 2021 08:29am
@Dr. Sadela. Garib Halfmad. it could be bread and butter for some individuals but not for Pakistan.