Sana Safinaz’s upcoming fashion film takes us on a royal adventure

Published 09 Mar, 2021 01:52pm

Images Staff

The brand posted a teaser for a film showcasing their luxury lawn collection.

Dramatic music, cinematic shots, crisp clothing and a foreshadowing of tension — the recipe for a fashion advertisement that grabs our attention and leaves us wanting more. A trailer released by Sana Safinaz for their upcoming 'fashion film' is a delight to see since it is a clear step away from the usual. A different take on presenting luxury lawn is just what we needed.

Perhaps there is a new trend emerging in the fashion industry. Recently Ali Xeeshan released a film called ‘Numaish’ in which he called out the problematic issue of dowry. Although Sana Safinaz does not tilt towards social issues, the trailer is a refreshing break from the monotonous lawn shoots and montages and a creative win for the fashion industry.

Directed by Mohsin Ali Tawasuli, the film features the dapper Shahzad Noor as the main lead who is in love with 'Ayesha'. Other characters revealed to us include actor and filmmaker Shahzad Nawaz as the possible antagonist as the Maharaja of Ghakkarpur.

The fashion film gives us royal vibes and is set in a haveli of sorts with its beautiful arches, fresco walls, royal guards and well-kept horses. It also, obviously, features an array of Sana Safinaz lawn. The men's outfits in the video are all from Faraz Manan.

We definitely sense a building rivalry in the film but we'll know more once the film releases. Sana Safinaz hasn't announced a release date yet.

The fashion film has also been received very well by the public who, like most us, can't wait to see it. It seems everyone was waiting for something to break the monotony of lawn photoshoots.

It is exciting to know that the limits of fashion are being stretched and more captivating work is being put out by Sana Safinaz who were called out in 2018 for their racist representation of the Masai people in a lawn shoot.