Khaadi's latest campaign features a plus-size model and we're here for it

Published 01 Mar, 2021 02:28pm

Images Staff

Variety is no longer only for the petite.

Ask a curvy woman what shopping in Pakistan feels like and she'll tell you about the lack of options. Variety is for the petite.

It's no surprise then that there is very little representation in the media for women with darker skin tones, older women or anyone who wears clothes larger than a small.

However, Khaadi's latest collection is a step in the right direction and features a plus-size model. The move comes with the reveal of a new pret line alongside a campaign that says #NowOrNever — one that seems to be doing particularly well following the publicity of 'Khaadi x Esra'.

The move is especially praiseworthy since the brand didn't decide to create a separate line for plus-sized women and instead chose to expand the sizing options in its current lines — which now range from six to 18.

Naturally, they received a lot of praise from the public, who thanked the brand for understanding that everyone deserves representation and cute clothes.

Previously, Khaadi owner and founder Shamoon Sultan spoke about all the work that needed to be put in to creating the final product that reaches the public.

“It doesn’t matter what people tell me because I’m always second-guessing myself,” he told Images. “My team and I discuss everything at length and, when something does well, it only challenges me to figure out how I can do it even better next time."

Khaadi isn't the first brand to use plus size models in Pakistan and we hope it's not the last. Representation matters and by featuring a more diverse range of models, brands are reinforcing the idea that everyone deserves to look and feel pretty.