Parineeti Chopra shares makeup artist Natasha's recreation of her look

Parineeti Chopra shares makeup artist Natasha's recreation of her look

She recreated the Bollywood star's haunting makeup in The Girl on the Train.
27 Feb, 2021

Natasha Ali Lakhani, known to most of us mononymously as Natasha, has been one of the biggest names in the Karachi bridal makeup scene for a long time. But she's a makeup artist, emphasis on artist, and can do more than just bridal makeup.

She proved that by recreating Bollywood actor Parineeti Chopra’s look from The Girl on the Train, her newest film. Natasha filmed the look and posted it on her YouTube channel Beyond Beauty Natasha.

She also posted about it on Instagram and explained that for the look, she went back to her roots as an editorial makeup artist. She created fake wounds, blood and bruising to make herself look like a bruised and battered Chopra.

"This look has me itching to get back to shooting my mad mad editorials again," she wrote and we want to see more of these mad, mad editorials too!

But we're not the only ones appreciating Natasha's skills with makeup brushes.

Chopra also reposted the looks on her Instagram story!

Natasha has been entertaining us for the past couple of months with her fun videos and makeup recreations.

She posts wedding makeup, skincare, talks about her grandmother Noor Jehan and has even recreated her looks.

While we love her regular makeup looks, we hope she goes back to her SFX roots and does more recreations for us to swoon over!