Ali Hamza's new song is a tribute to daughters everywhere

Ali Hamza's new song is a tribute to daughters everywhere

'Sar Buland' is now being used as a hashtag to talk about inspirational women.
18 Feb, 2021

Singer Ali Hamza released a new song on February 12 and it's a tribute to daughters.

'Sar Buland' is about keeping your head up high for someone else and because of someone else — a daughter.

The music video shows a father doting on his daughter and how she makes him proud by helping others. The song has been written by Irfan Urfi and the concept and direction of the video is by Samar Minallah Khan.

Hamza, part of the band Noori, has been active on Instagram, posting pictures from behind the scenes of the music video and most of his posts have the hashtags “GirlChildEmpowerment” and “SheCanSheWill”.

Hamza has a daughter of his own and has dedicated the entire month of February to daughters.

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People love the song and its message and Federal Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari called it "heartwarming".

Hamza also asked people to tell him their stories and what role women have played in their lives. "Me, I became ten feet tall when my daughter was born," he wrote.

People have now begun using the hashtag SarBuland to speak about inspirational women and empowerment.

We love seeing men supporting women empowerment and using their platforms to speak about how important it is to value women. With his video and the SarBuland hashtag, Hamza has people speaking about why daughters are a blessing and something to be very proud of.


M. Saeed Feb 18, 2021 01:36pm
A loving daughter is an enormous strength for a father.
NYS Feb 18, 2021 06:18pm
Heart warming lyrics that will uplift descendants in positive way
Ali Feb 19, 2021 10:30am
Good one Hamza. I can relate to this song for sure.