Bisconni Music wraps season 1 with stellar performances and unforgettable music

Bisconni Music wraps season 1 with stellar performances and unforgettable music

The last episode features diverse performances by Alycia Dias & Taha Hussain, Aizaz Sohail and Mahnoor Altaf and Mughal-e-funk.
Updated 30 Jan, 2021

The year 2021 has so for celebrated and promoted Pakistani music and artists to great lengths. With Bisconni Music, another feather in Pakistan's musical cap, music lovers across the country have been adding refreshing tunes to their playlists.

With its three-week long journey, Bisconni Music has successfully delivered outstanding music. The season’s last episode presented a diverse range of genres featuring a number of artists - some renowned and experienced, some talented young debutants.

United, the artists have helped Bisconni Music transcend to an all-inclusive platform serving as a breath of fresh air on the Pakistani music landscape.

Here are some highlights from the last episode:

Meda Ishq is a soulful blend of folklore music and unforgettable poetry

The episode kicked off with Mughal-e-funk’s Meda Ishq - its touching lyrics, composed many moons ago by the maestro of sufi poetry, Baba Bulleh Shah, along with the guru Khawaja Ghulam Farid, lends a classic tune to the track.

Best known for their folk music, the band succeeds in adding a personal touch to the soulful poetry via the earthy vocals of M. Aizaz Sohail, and the talented 14-year-old Mahnoor Altaf, as their voices blend fluidly to highlight a rare kind of selfless love, usually found in folk tales.

The classical symphony holds our attention a little longer as a result of the winning combination of Kami Paul on drums, Rakae Jamil on the sitar, Farhan Ali on the bass guitar, Rufus Shahzad on keys and the master of producing music Saad Hayat with Rakae Jamil.

Ho Tum is a warm, melodious celebration of love

Another beautiful song currently enjoying the limelight is Ho Tum, featuring the dynamic duo Alycia Dias, and debutant, Taha Hussain.

Penned by Taha himself, Ho Tum starts off with a mellow intro before building a groovy transition.

The song is a melodious vow of love that touches and the soul and the heart.

Created by father-son duo Bradley D'Souza and Russell D'Souza on electric and bass guitar with Saddat Hayat on the keys producing the music himself, the love song is bound to stay memorable.

Thaaray Nain combines folk rock with classic Rajasthani beats

A folk rock piece that emotes feelings for the beloved, Thaaray Nain is a befitting track that closes the big season on a high note.

An experimental twist of rock notes with Rajasthani beats, unseen and undiscovered by any other musical platform, is what sets apart Ashiq Ali Chand and Natasha Baig's new track.

Together with vibrant colours, Rajasthani pagris and the compelling beats of a dholak, the soulful, rock-feel song is a treat for anyone who enjoys and values culture.

With Mohsin Raza Shah and Bradley D'Souza on electric guitar, bass guitar and acoustic guitar, Ashiq Ali on dholak and tabla, Shehroze Hussain on sitar, Ankit Patel on shehnai and Kashif Chaman on dhol, Thaaray Nain is an ode to the traditional Rajasthani culture and a stellar performance that turns the season into a memorable journey of soulful desi music.

Head over to Bisconni Music’s Youtube channel to watch all episodes.

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Hussain Riz Jan 31, 2021 02:36pm
Thaaray Nain is the only worth listening rest is all sounded genericly studio and boring.
Shahzad Shahid Baloch Jan 31, 2021 05:12pm