Comedy doesn't have to come at the expense of women; in fact, it can be used to highlight heavy issues related to gender in a lighter vein.

An example comes courtesy comedic maestro Ali Gul Pir, who in a short and simple video conveyed a rampant issue women face: verbal harassment on the streets.

Why is it that a woman standing at a bus stop must be spoken to? Or offered a ride? Or given an unsolicited comment? That's exactly the type of behaviour the comedian called out in his video, which the artist reshared on his account.

In a video starring Mehar Bano as a woman waiting at a bus stop alongside men, the Waderai Ka Beta singer shows a mild version of what a majority of women go through every day.

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"Something that almost every women has gone through while walking on the road or standing at a bus stop," the artist shared in his caption. "#YouCanChangeThat, RukoAurRoko."

The comedian's latter hashtag shows the importance of taking action against a problem, rather than staying mum and ignoring it.

He has also raised awareness about domestic violence through a video.

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"We all have a role to play in changing the conversation around gender-based violence (GBV), whether it’s the way we think about the issues, talk about victims, or the actions we take to make safer and more inclusive societies and communities. This affects us all. Watch, share, discuss!" he had said.