The episode features stellar performances by Haroon Shahid and Nimra Rafiq, Sajid and Zeeshan, and Mirage the band.
The episode features stellar performances by Haroon Shahid and Nimra Rafiq, Sajid and Zeeshan, and Mirage the band.

The new year has begun with high hopes and big dreams after 2020, which has been anything but what most of us expected it to be.

Blessing our feeds and appetite with soul-warming music right at the beginning of the year is Bisconni Music; a local platform that has just ventured into the industry with the aim of bringing to the forefront original music that remains unmatched in the industry.

Last week, Bisconni Music released its first episode, and the reaction was just spectacular.

For the brand, positive feedback and response from the audience is what makes Bisconni Music a great success.

Here's a little peek into episode two:

Highlights of season one, episode two

The second episode has released some power-packed performances by Haroon Shahid and Nimra Rafiq, Sajid and Zeeshan, and Mirage the band.

Let's discuss.

Haroon Shahid and Nimra Rafiq's Tere Mere Pyar Nu

Bisconni Music opened the second episode with a fresh tune featuring famous actor and singer, Haroon Shahid along with the talented, Nimra Rafiq.

Having performed for various other platforms, Nimra is presenting a romantic rock duet, 'Tere Mere Pyar Nu' with Haroon that will put her right into the spotlight.

Tere Mere Pyaar Nu is also Haroon Shahid's much awaited comeback in the music industry.

The song’s warm and melodious vibe is the right tune for all who'd like their music to celebrate love.

Watch it here:

The tune is a perfect mix of some stellar notes produced by music expert Saad Hayaat, our favourite drummer Gumby, Mohsin Raza Shah on guitars, Bradley D'Souza on the bass guitars, and Kashif Chaman on the dholak.

Sajid and Zeeshan's 'Keep Moving'

Keep Moving is a tune prepared by the Peshawari duo Sajid and Zeeshan, who have successfully been living their dream of performing internationally and locally.

The brains behind this duo is Sajid Ghafoor who composed, wrote the lyrics and sung the song 'Keep Moving', while also playing the tune on an acoustic guitar.

For Sajid's track, the talented Zeeshan Perwez produced the music while also playing the keys.

As an English number, Keep Moving brings to our desi screens some of the most celebrated soft rock notes mixed with an international feel, leaving listeners with warm and positive notes on life.

The lineup of musicians for the track include: Saad Hayat on the keys, Mohsin Raza Shah playing the electric guitar, Bradley D'Souza on the bass guitar and Ahad Niyani on the drums.

'Chalta Jaon' by Mirage, the band

With 17 years of stellar performances and 10 music videos under their belt, Mirage the band, is back with a fresh track for Bisconni Music, 'Chalta Jaon'.

The song is about finding hope in the times of the pandemic where the world has faced intense trauma; lives lost, jobs and livelihoods at stake, loved ones experiencing unprecedented loss and sickness, and the motivation to move forward slowly reaching its inevitable end.

To help people find newer ways to cope with all this, the band has created an uplifting song, presented in a unique way, donning funky looks and a peppy vibe.

The song has been sung and written by the talented Rehan Nazim and Saad Hayat, composed by Mirage and Bradley D'Souza, and complemented by the amazing musicians; Ajay Harri on drums, Mohsin Raza Shah on guitars, Shane Ker on bass guitar, with Saad Hayat also contributing on the keys.

Bisconni Music is proud to have pioneered the initiative of introducing fresh perspectives and voices to an industry that has little to offer to newcomers.

To catch a glimpse of the first few episodes and songs, head over to Bisconni Music’s Youtube channel.

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