With his long list of contributions to the entertainment industry, including recently playing Shehwar in Mere Paas Tum Ho where he instantly became a fan-favourite villain;, veteran actor Adnan Siddiqui is a household name.

However, the actor in an interview with BBC Urdu opened up about how he, surprisingly, isn't offered big screen projects.

"No one offers me a film, what can I do, I have no idea why I'm not offered any. Is it because my parents were poor? Is it because they used to live in PIB colony, is that why no one wants to take me in a movie? What is the reason? I don't understand myself," a very perplexed Adnan shared.

"I guess this is a question for filmmakers. They offer me roles, but only ever in a cameo. So now I've decided I will do a cameo, but charge a hefty amount for it," he added, gesturing a huge sum with his hands, amusingly. "If they'll pay me that much, I'll do it, or else it will be a no."

"I know the filmmakers, but I don't really know them," he laughed, revealing why he's never brought the question directly up with them.

Despite this, the Mom actor's popularity is not only restricted to the small screen where audiences can view him in his favourite roles, but he is also admired for his online presence, where fans are keen to observe him in his natural habitat and keep up to date with his latest travels.

"When a man has nothing to do, he will do something," the actor said, speaking about his newly found aggressive use of social media and its onset right after his initial quarantine, when he and Humayun Saeed landed back home from USA as the coronavirus suddenly turned into a global pandemic.

"We couldn't go out, had to stay home, had to work too; that's how I became active, and started having so much fun on it too," he revealed.

"When I started working in 1992, nothing was a rat race. We used to go to work, irrespective ofhe ratings. I used to find that so much better. But this generation with Instagram, its punctuation, the LOL type abbreviations, its fun, and whatever I don't understand, I just ask my kids," the icon shared candidly.