Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui were enjoying their time in USA when the coronavirus became a pandemic.

The two had received criticism for continuing their extensive travels at the time as Covid-19 was rapidly affecting many. However, they made sure to be responsible citizens upon their return to Pakistan.

The two immediately quarantined themselves in a hotel so as to keep their families safe as well. Good thing they had each other for company!

Saeed took to Twitter to reveal that the two had taken the test for coronavirus and the result is out.

They're in the clear.

"Our coronavirus reports have come back negative," wrote Humayun. "We will still complete 14 days in quarantine and will be taking every necessary safety precaution even after that. Thanks for all your love and prayers!"

He ended his note with the important message, "Stay safe. Stay home."

We're glad the two are safe for now but are wondering why they opted for the test right in the beginning of their own quarantine. Sure, their travel to USA is a reason to be cautious but considering they had no symptoms, it would've been nice to see them complete their quarantine session and getting the test should there be any developments.