Shamoon Ismail's Rung was the most streamed song in 2020 on Patari

Shamoon Ismail's Rung was the most streamed song in 2020 on Patari

Baari by Momina Mustehsan and Bilal Saeed bagged the second spot on the #2020Rewind list released by the music streaming platform
22 Dec, 2020

With 2020 coming to an end and having spent most of it cooped up indoors, you best believe music really helped us get through this schoolyard bully of a year that won't stop kicking us while we're down.

As we inch closer to the new year, music streaming platform, Patari has released their #2020Rewind round-ups, giving us an insight into what people were grooving to during a pandemic.

Shamoon Ismail was a popular artist this year, with his single, 'Rung' being the most streamed song, while 'Marijuana' also featured on the list at number 3.

Bilal Saeed and Momina Mustehsan's duet Baari bagged the runner-up position.

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Other featured artists on the list were Mustafa and Yashal Zahid, Atif Aslam (of course), Gohar Mumtaz, Fawad Khan, Aima Baig, as well as bands, Strings, Bayaan and Karakoram.

However, Baari also became the top searched song of 2020, followed by the OST for drama serial Alif, sung by the maestro Shafqat Amanat Ali, bagging second place.

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Coming in third was the iconic, and never getting old, Aadat by none other than Atif Aslam. Seriously, this song is just timeless!

Interestingly, the list of Top 10 searched artists was a little different, with Ali Sethi (and may we add, his iconic fashion style), hitting an easy number 1.

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Legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan followed with a place on number 2, with Shamoon Ismail on the third position.

Abida Parveen, Faris Shafi, Sajjad Ali, Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, Nazia Hassan and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan were other names featured on the list.

One of our personal favourites giving us legendary music for the past two decades, Strings topped number 1 on the Top 10 searched bands in 2020, with Auj and the legendary Junoon following soon after.

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Jal, Noori, Vital Signs, Bayaan and Khumariyan too, were on the list, with Somewhatsuper sticking out as the only music group whose genre is electronic and upbeat.

The youngsters weren't left behind, with Young Stunners staying true to their name and being number 1 on the list of Top 10 streamed young superstars of 2020.

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Shamoon ismail followed on second, with Abdullah Qureshi (and his fun covers) sweeping an easy third. Abdullah Siddiqui followed and can we just say, the man's still too underrated. Give him a listen if you haven't already!


Chrís Dăn Dec 22, 2020 01:49pm
Most of latest music is nice. However I have observed a common thread among all singers in 2020-a lack of strong & well-controlled/well tamed/well trained vocal cords and accordingly same applies on sound/voice volume control/training. Singers either can't raise their voices or do not,as voice loses control on &starts shaking or de-shaping . I can't see hard work in a low voice as it is without confidence of raising the pitch. In other words,these singers are not commanding their sounds -instead amateur voice is controlling the singers. Our singers,definitely&badly need an initial training in classical riaz to get desired control on their sound quality. They can never sing well until they have some riaz and practice to use their voice as per poetry& songs demands. None of the songs,therefore leaves any image in mind. There is no"sur".
A Bostonian Dec 22, 2020 08:11pm
Pardon my ignorance, but I have never heard of him.
Khalid_Toronto Dec 24, 2020 05:44am
@Chrís Dăn who cares about riaz and sur. The music is great and i cant stop playing shamoon's songs.