Inside Malala Yousufzai's meeting with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Published 12 Oct, 2020 02:00pm

Images Staff

“What I realised very early on was that when women have a seat at the table, conversations in terms of policy change," said Meghan

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle joined Malala Yousafzai for a discussion to celebrate International Day of the Girl, an annual campaign launched by UNICEF to amplify women's voices and stand up for their rights.

Introducing the theme of the talk, the Nobel Prize laureate started the discussion with the role education played in both the growth and learning in the royal duo's life as well as their views on its access all around the world.

"When young girls have access to education, everyone wins and everyone succeeds. It just opens doors for societal success at the highest level," opened Meghan as she thanked Yousufzai.

“What I had realised very early on was that when women have a seat at the table, conversations in terms of policy change, conversations in terms of legislation and the dynamics of the community are all shifted,” she added, revealing why she was an advocate working with the Association of Commonwealth Universities herself.

Discussing how the pandemic has affected young women's access to the necessity, Prince Harry too, acknowledged its importance, and how he understands it better now than he did as a child.

"When you have an education, it provides money, it provides an income which makes you less susceptible to disaster," he said, identifying its crucial role in tackling climate change and opening doors to future opportunities.

Malala too revealed the urgency of the matter since 20 million girls were on the verge of dropping out of school due to the coronavirus and the limitations it brings to studying from home.

"They might be pushed towards child marriages or to become financial supporters of the family," she said, talking about the need for investment in their futures.

"We must ensure they are protected, they do not drop out, and they should be able to return safely to school."

The activist also mentioned how all the ways in which people can extend their help would be available on her website Malala Fund, should they be interested in working for the nobel cause.

Signing off, the Duke and Duchess mentioned how the pandemic helped them spend time at home with their little one Archie.

"We were both there for Archie's first steps, his first run, his first fall, everything," celebrated Prince Harry.

"And it's just fantastic that in so many ways we are fortunate to be able to have this time to watch him grow, and in the absence of Covid, we would be traveling and working more externally. We’d miss a lot of those moments," Meghan revealed.

A fierce advocate for female education, Malala Yousufzai was a victim of a assassination when she was shot in retaliation for her activism at the age of 15.