Sonam Kapoor opens up about what it’s like to live with PCOS

Updated 25 Sep, 2020 04:05pm

Images Staff

“I have given up sugar completely,” she shared mentioning how it is truly poison for our bodies in any form.

A fierce advocate of body positivity, Sonam Kapoor has never been one to shy away from speaking about her personal journey - be it weight loss or trouble facing bullies because of her height.

Recently, the Khoobsurat actor opened up about her journey with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), and how it has affected her since she was a teenager.

Finally feeling like she is in a "good place" now, Sonam shared some tips with her fans and followers - hoping they could benefit from her learnings too, after consulting with their healthcare professionals of course.

"I cannot emphasise enough on how important enough is to exercise," Sonam said for starters, mentioning how she learnt the hard way how our lifestyles have become extremely sedentary and it’s one of the most natural things to do, sharing she walks now at least 10,000 steps a day.

The Neerja actor also suggested doing yoga.

“It makes you mobile, string and builds your cardio-muscular energy so it’s one of the best," she explained.

While mentioning meditation, she also pointed out how one thing that aggravates PCOS is stress, environmental, or mental.

"Yoga, meditation and breathing has actually helped me compact that," she added.

"The third thing is that you have to avoid sugar. It makes you feel good, but you come crashing down. I have given up sugar completely”, mentioning how it is truly poison for our bodies in any form.

“I cannot tell you how my life has changed since I’ve given it up. And I’m not just talking refined sugar but also honey, maple syrup, gurh etc. Just stop having it. You can get good sugar out of fruits like apples or oranges.”

Kapoor also revealed how she is no more able to consume any desserts, chocolates or sweets.

“And I was an addict! But now I find anything with sugar in it too sweet and I never thought I’d be there.”

Wishing she can help everyone going through the same ordeal, Sonam hopes her tips can be useful to those living with the life-changing syndrome.