Hamza Ali Abbasi has cancelled his Netflix subscription and thinks you should too

Published 14 Sep, 2020 04:36pm

Images Staff

The actor is enraged over the streaming giant's latest, Cuties which has come under fire worldwide for sexualising 11-year-olds.

Following the release of 2020 French drama film Cuties, Netflix has been facing severe backlash from audiences and subscribers for inappropriately portraying the sexualisation of 11-year old girls through compromising visuals.

The fetishisation led to many voicing their disapproval and disgust, with the hashtag #CancelNetflix trending all across social media.

Voicing his own disappointment, Hamza Ali Abbasi too, took to Twitter in light of the matter.

"Despite global condemnation, Netflix still went ahead and released CUTIES! Yup, now we have soft core pedo porn on a mainstream media platform," the actor posted in disbelief.

"Thats a deal breaker for me."

He then went on to suggest that having done the same; all users of the media service provider giant should cancel their subscriptions to show their distaste.

"Can't do much but what i can do is cancel my Netflix subscription, maybe YOU SHOULD TOO!"

The film which was originally released in France, follows the journey of a Muslim girl Amy (played by Fathia Youssouf) as she tries to find her place growing up in a poor suburb of Paris. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, involves herself with friends who run a dance troupe - defying the strict rules of the conservative family background she stems from.

Director Maimouna Doucoure said that the idea for the film came to her after she attended a neighbourhood gathering in Paris, where she saw a group of 11-year-olds performing a “very sexual, very sensual” dance.