As Covid-19 numbers lower in Pakistan with lockdowns easing up and restrictions lifted, keeping face masks on is now more important than ever for our safety as well as for those around us.

The pandemic continues to severely impact many communities globally, resulting in a massive economic slump and the highest death rates ever experienced.

While the decline in the number of Covid-19 cases in Pakistan comes as a relief, it is essential for us all to understand that the pandemic is far from over.

This Independence Day, Unilever Pakistan and Shehzad Roy set out to promote this very idea with a powerful video message.

Joining hands with a number of people representing diverse cultures and demographics, the singer won our hearts yet again with his powerful rendition of the national anthem; the song comes as an attempt to promote the significance of wearing masks in public.  

The video message was released on Independence Day as a message that urges Pakistanis to continue following safety measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and do their best to prevent a possible second wave by embracing the 'new normal'.

Stills from the video message

Presented as a public service message by Unilever Pakistan, directed by Zeeshan Parwez and created by Ali Rez and his team at BBDO, the video communicates the responsibility each individual has for the greater good.

In the opening sequence, we see Shehzad Roy walking in with a face mask as he begins to present the national anthem. With his voice slightly muffled because of the mask, he goes on to sing the first few lines. He is then joined by a glorious orchestera showcasing people coming from different walks of life, from across the country.

As a number of voices begin to sing, the anthem grows louder and clearer, giving away the message that if unite, we can fight all battles and inspire everyone around.

The video not only relights hope, but also illustrates the power of unity, tolerance, and peace – with Pakistanis of different religions, cultures, and gender identities all uniting against the Coronavirus for the love of the country.

Commenting on why and how this idea turned to reality, CEO and Chairman, Unilever Pakistan, Amir Paracha, “Unilever Pakistan is committed to its efforts to protect the lives and livelihoods of Pakistanis during this challenging time. With this stirring rendition of the national anthem, we aim to reinforce the importance of continued attention to safe behavior and inspire Pakistanis to better protect themselves. This performance reminds us that it is our collective responsibility and duty to the nation to protect ourselves, each other, and our homeland from the threat of this pandemic. The simple acts of wearing a mask, ensuring hand hygiene and maintaining physical distance can help save lives, and it is our hope that this message inspires us all to do so.”

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