Twitter reacts to Supreme Court possibly banning YouTube in Pakistan once again

Published 24 Jul, 2020 12:56pm

Images Staff

Safe to say, the kids are not happy!

When we think of popular names in the content creation ecosystem online, despite boastful of its talent, Pakistan seems like a country left behind.

This may be due to the fact that YouTube, the hub of global video sharing, was banned in the country for a good number of years.

With news surfacing that the authorities are putting the ban again, people are vocal that it is a step back from the little progression our videographers, vloggers and even common people have made from the vast edutainment available one click away.

Some believe our priorities aren't right

The boy who was learning Arabic does not sound pleased

Neither does the startup blogger

Or the entire generation, apparently

Even the Twitter trolls are out for this one

Girl, same!