Saba Qamar is outing the rishta brigade in new video

Saba Qamar is outing the rishta brigade in new video

However, while her video stands up for feminist values, the content once again, avoids the word like the plague.
14 Jul, 2020

Saba Qamar has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind.

Be it about mental health advocacy such as depression, or the struggles of female celebrities at the receiving end of awkward interview questions; the star is making way for difficult conversations through her Youtube channel.

With the recently released episode 5, Saba once again is breaking stereotypes by having much needed conversations about the rishta brigade in Pakistan, the struggles of body-shaming, casting in interviews, and ofcourse, gender equality.

Where it's addressing marriage for women over 30, or standing up for those who are at the receiving end of derogatory comments on the internet and in real life; Saba has done a commendable job.

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However, for someone like Qamar who has actively stood up for feminist values, we're disappointed that her content, once again, avoids the 'F' word like the plague.

While content creators want to, and do advocate for equal rights, opportunities and resources for the marginalised gender; we would be happy to see them educate themselves on the interchangeability of the two terms that go hand in hand.


Brownflower Jul 14, 2020 06:39pm
Bollywood A-listers like Ashweryia, Kareena, Priyanka, Anushka, Deepika etc., are all married. Even the youngest Alia Bhatt will get hitched post-covid. People move on in life. That's the way it is.
well wisher Jul 14, 2020 06:57pm
Saba, you don't have to say the 'F' word. Present the your way freely and let the critics find their own way. Keep well.
Bashir George Jul 14, 2020 07:01pm
I always appreciate her sharp and forthright sense of humor.
HAA Jul 14, 2020 08:26pm
As long as women are given their rights, it doesn't really matter what word is used.
Laila Jul 14, 2020 09:11pm
I actually like her take on social issues. She is funny, reflective and what some might call bold. I feel as much as women suffer under the rishta brigades, women are also part of the problem. They need to be vocal and take a stand when it happens. Not be submissive or quiet out of misplaced respect. When parents of daughters start taking a stand for their daughters, society will change too including the boys families. No change came from sitting passive decrying your fate when in this case its not fate but your lack of assertion that's the problem. Stand for yourself and for your daughters. Stop this silly "izzat ka rona" or "log kya kehenge?", people. Let them talk. Standing against injustice is izzat. We need more Sabas.
Jaredlee007 Jul 15, 2020 07:12am
Saba Qamar must understand that just like she wants others to respect her and her views, she should also try to understand and respect views of others, especially the views that contradict her own. A retaliatory approach brings nothing but frustration. Even if she doesn't like others' views she must respect people for what they are.
Hassam Jul 16, 2020 10:52am
We are increasingly living in a world where everyone has to be labelled. Maybe it helps others in simplifying things in an increasingly complex world. But it's okay if she chooses to not call her a feminist. There have been many women in history who have broken the shackles of society, and set glorious examples for those around them without ever hearing the 'F' word let alone knowing what it stands for. And that's okay. Labels are limiting, and they also limit the intended audience. Perhaps those who need to hear her message the most, choose to ignore her content, from their aversion to the word, even if it is from a lack of understanding. So if the goal is for people in society to understand, appreciate, and possibly espouse these values, then more power to Saba, but if the goal is to co-opt Saba's content for an endorsement of feminism, a concept alien to most people, then perhaps Saba ought to be called out for it. I don't think it was necessary.
Fida Jul 17, 2020 12:40am
Some women do not want marriage. Some others want marriage, but no kids. Some want to marry when they want, after settling in life. To each, their own. No need to criticize any one. Do what you want in life and keep it to yourself. We humans are 5 billion now. If some do not get married and do not reproduce, population will not come down.
HonorBright Jul 18, 2020 08:14am
@Laila "We need more Sabas." We need more Lailas too who can spot and support any Saba when she challenges the rottenness in our 'culture'