Zhalay Sarhadi is working on an international film project

Zhalay Sarhadi is working on an international film project

The film is just one of three major projects she's working on, another being her music debut.
13 Jul, 2020

The lockdown may have forced television projects to come to a sudden halt, but Zhalay Sarhadi made sure she had her work situation perfectly under control.

In a conversation with Images, the Qismat star revealed she has three interesting projects lined up, with one of them being an international project.

While she was hesitant to reveal any details, Zhalay did hint that the project was under the direction of a big name.

"It is a commercial film, and no it has nothing to do with India," she said.

With shootings lined up for the end of July and September respectively, she also mentioned she will be working on a local movie, to be shot in the northern areas of Pakistan.

"Both my characters are very interesting" quoted Sarhadi. "In one I'm supposed to be playing something to do in the armed forces, and the second character is an ex-courtesan who has left her old life behind and is moving forward."

She also added that this year, she'll be focusing on music as well. That's right! Zhalay's making her debut as a singer and will be releasing her single soon.

And here we thought baking banana bread that one time was an accomplishment. Good luck with everything Zhalay!