Painted by Sabeera (Age: 11)
Painted by Sabeera (Age: 11)

With Covid-19 becoming a global pandemic and school life coming to an unexpected halt, the younglings are confused, and rightfully so.

They can't go to school, catch up with their buddies, stir up chaos in classrooms and play the day away.

Keeping this havoc in mind, After After School is a platform designed to bring therapists, educators, after school programs and tutors to look after the academic and co-curricular demands of children through unique ways of learning tailored to their needs.

Recently, the project collaborated with Ayesha Shariff, a renowned visual artist and art teacher to help students imagine the now infamous coronavirus and what they think it looks like.

Could it be a three-headed ogre or a cute and cuddly monster? A terrifying tarantula or a tentacled octopus? Here's what's going through the brains of our kiddos:

10-year-old Zoya Larik believes Covid is an infectious bubble full of germs

While 9-year-old Leila Jamil thinks the virus is a girl because "girls are strong". You tell 'em, Leila!

11-year-old Yusuf understands the gravity of the situation

Sarah, who is 10, salutes our healthcare heroes!

8-year-old Annya thinks the virus is full of itself

And Hana Hassan is sure it's winning the real-life "wrestling knockouts"

We agree with little Iqra - the world is definitely greener

But also a whole lot sadder - like 7-year-old Faid sees it

6-year-old Rudaina has her protocols ready. Do you?