Here's how this designer is helping us beat lockdown blues with her wholesome Instagram content

Here's how this designer is helping us beat lockdown blues with her wholesome Instagram content

AMMARA KHAN's A'live sessions has been presenting a mix of fun and informative sessions to keep us entertained.
16 Jul, 2020

We'll just admit we've been pretty starved for some useful, enjoyable local content ever since lockdowns began in Pakistan earlier this year.

All thanks to the pandemic, if there's anything we've seen booming in the past few months, it's the trend of Instagram Lives, and yes we certainly like that.

A ton of our favourite actors, musicians, stylists and bloggers have been stepping forward for some warm one-on-ones on their Instagram to entertain and interact with everyone.

One such account for us is couturier AMMARA KHAN's.

Let's discuss few of the top reasons we feel she's been dishing out wholesome content online these days, and why you should check it out.

A'live with AMMARA KHAN

First things first, the designer invested some real time and effort in launching her own series of Insta Live sessions, named A'live.

Launched on the 15th of April, in her words, these sessions were organised to keep the audiences engaged and entertained through a wide variety of one-on-one sessions and activities.

A'live primarily encouraged everyone to stay indoors, eat mindfully to build and maintain a robust immune system, and invest time in the right activities and hobbies at home.

One-on-one sessions with our favourite celebs

We got to see Ali Sethi, Faiza Saleem, Ainnie Jaffery, Anya Fawad, Zeb Bangash and many others making a special appearance on AMMARA KHAN's A'live sessions.

The celebs shared how they've been adapting to the Covid-19 situation, managing exciting existing and upcoming projects, and also performed some of our very favourite songs.

Ali Sethi's live session with Ammara Khan, held on the second day of Eid-ul-Fitr 2020, was one of the most popular A'lives of lockdown season; it hosted a soulful mix of five of his most celebrated songs, some heartfelt conversations on key issues that have been grappling the world these days, and his unique style sense.

The singer also spoke about his favourite clothing items, how he chooses outfits for his performances, and asked Ammara Khan to customise a unique teal kurta for him using the style tips they both shared during the A'live session.

Watch full session here:

Tips and tricks on building new hobbies

From April 18, we watched several fun activities on A'live that were aimed towards helping people cope with lockdown stress and helping them invest time in building meaningful hobbies; Ammara Khan also shared some of her most cherished paintings and talked to her audience about her most favourite reads.

The A'live sessions hosted a mini-series of live workshops on flower arrangements by Sara Malik that dropped interesting tips and tricks on how to have the house look and feel refreshed.

Discussions on trending styles, cuts and embroideries for bridal wear

One of the brand's oldest, most cherished clothing line, AK Bridals, is celebrated for its trendy designs fused with some classic adda work which is rarely seen in the market these days.

Ammara Khan tells us that AK Bridals is where the journey began for the AMMARA KHAN label that has become a favourite across several borders today.

Check out the session here:

We feel it is refreshing to see a designer discuss with her audience as well as guests the many little details that help create outfits highlighting their personal style, tastes and vibe.

For a complete look at AMMARA KHAN's clothing range, head over to her official e-store.

Follow AMMARA KHAN's official Instagram account to keep an eye on her upcoming A'live sessions.

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