Renowned radio and television anchor Tariq Aziz passed away on Wednesday at the age of 84.

His programme Neelam Ghar - later renamed Tariq Aziz Show - went on for four decades, inspiring many, including a lot of our celebrities. After all, who can forget his iconic line, "Yeh water cooler aapka hua!"

Tributes started pouring in for the idol soon after:

Aziz wasn't just an accomplished TV host though. His first film, Insaniyat, was released in 1967. Other notable titles he acted in include Salgirah, Qasam Us Waqt Ki, Katari and Har Gaya Insan.

For his services to the entertainment industry, he was awarded the prestigious Pride of Performance Award by the government in 1992. Aziz dabbled in politics as well and was a member of the National Assembly from 1997-99.

May he rest in power.