Anwar Maqsood calls out fake social media accounts

Anwar Maqsood calls out fake social media accounts

"Stop posting terrible things under my name. This is wrong," says the writer.
07 Jun, 2020

Eminent writer Anwar Maqsood has said that he has nothing to do with the social media account that’s being run in his name from where statements and sentences against the PTI and on some important subjects are posted on a regular basis.

In that regard, he has reached the relevant authorities to inquire into the matter. He has also requested the public not to believe whatever is being uploaded on social media attributed to him as comments on sensitive subjects.

Originally published in Dawn, June 6th, 2020


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ukasha rajpoot Jun 07, 2020 01:56pm
90 % of Trump and his family fb and other social media accounts operate from Pakistan. Please folks leave this guy alone, he is such a good person.
DR. KAKA Jun 07, 2020 01:56pm
Twitter should remove all fake account immediately
Chrís Dăn Jun 07, 2020 02:01pm
Indeed no sane person through his/her own individual common sense can ever believe that Anwar Maqsud can ever write such below standard and below lowest IQ stuff. Sad that illiterate people in Pakistan behind this fake account fail to grasp the importance of a positive wrtiter and victimize him for their own vested interests.
BOMBS Jun 07, 2020 06:37pm
Our people cant leave stars of our country in their old age alone
Eqbal bawany Jun 07, 2020 11:37pm
How we can get out of this habit we are indeed trouble maker for other
Joe Jun 08, 2020 12:21am
Anything to make a buck or some other sinister motive, sad to see this happening
Nawaz Jun 08, 2020 12:37am
Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels are not supposed to be for a country like Pakistan. First educate them and then give these tools in hand.
Laila Jun 08, 2020 05:41am
Why pretend to be somebody famous? So ridiculous. Have your social media in your own name. Not celebrity names and stop posing with celebrity pictures too. Put up your own picture or leave it blank. Nobody believes you girls are Aeza khan, Aimen Khan etc.