Veteran actor Sakina Samo has contracted the coronavirus.

She posted on Facebook to share the news, adding that she is in self-isolation.

However, for Samo, things took a sour turn when instead of reporting her update, some sites started sharing that the actor has passed away. The actor dismissed all rumours and called out the fake news doing the rounds.

She wrote, "A so-called journalist was bugging me all day yesterday. I refused to take his call or reply to any message… I did not want to talk about my health and so on. Well, long story cut short I blocked him on WhatsApp. He kept calling and calling. And then this happened.”

"Pathetic," said the actor. "Is this journalism? Why are people so insensitive? What do they want, [that] we should quit? Is that want you to want? Do you not want good people? Don’t you have any shame left? Do you know what empathy means? Probably no."

We wish the actor a speedy recovery. And it’d be great if we could stop spreading misinformation about celebrities and Covid-19.