Pakistan's entertainment industry stands tall in support as Chainstore Association of Pakistan (CAP) launches the global movement #Masks4All in Pakistan.

In collaboration with the country's Covid-19 relief portal, Sab Saath, the aim is to supply masks to those in need, in order to help protect from the disease.

Humayun Saeed took to social media to express solidarity through an Instagram post.

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"It is understandable that some of us may need to step out of the house for necessary tasks now that the government has eased the lockdown. But please, please do not leave home without proper precautions, especially without a mask," the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani star requested.

"You might be risking not only your life but putting others at risk as well. Wearing a mask might save lives! A cotton fabric mask is good enough to reduce the transmission risk by 69%."

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"Wearing a mask is not is not a choice, it’s a requirement. Showing a little responsibility on your part can save a life," added Fawad Khan.

Other famous folks who are also doing their part include Syra Yousuf, Imran Abbas, Iqra Aziz, Adnan Siddiqui, Urwa Hocane, Ayesha Omar, Ali Rehman Khan, Shoaib Akhtar and Shaneira Akram among others.

Ammara Hikmat, producer of upcoming release The Legend of Maula Jatt and the driving force behind the initiative shares, "We planned this campaign as a CSR initiative but it became bigger than that. CAP actually wanted to help vulnerable communities and they're donating generously but we wanted people to take the donations seriously as well."

"This organisation has given out free masks but the receivers would sell it in the market. That’s when CAP thought of involving the government to create awareness about why wearing masks was important."

"An organisation like Sab Saath came on board for distribution which has a credibility of their own. Zaman foundation, heading Sab Saath, from the private sector has done a commendable job single-handedly to help corona affectees," she said.

Masks4All is a global grassroots campaign that highlights how the governments of Japan, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, South Korea. Austria and others have made cloth/homemade face masks mandatory in public and were able to control the spread of coronavirus relatively quickly.