Updated 15 May, 2020

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage on, staying at home has led to an outbreak of food cravings as dine-in facilities are completely shut.

Online food delivery services like foodpanda have been granted permission to operate under Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) provided by the government, aiding foodies to maintain social distancing.

With deals and discounts being its forte, foodpanda is offering the right blend of safe deliveries and discounts to customers to fight cravings as they spend time indoors.   A number of steps have been taken by foodpanda to assure health and safety of everyone linked to its network; these involve mandatory temperature checks of heroes and granting them permission to carry on with work if their body temperature remains under 37°C.

Distribution of hand sanitisers, facial masks, and safety helmets has become a daily practice amongst heroes, allowing access to restaurants on adhering to these safety measures.

As per global standards, several hand soaps and hand sanitising stations have been installed in restaurants, ensuring the safety of both restaurant employees and foodpanda heroes.

The option of Contactless Deliveries on the app encourages customers to maintain social distancing while receiving their order as the hero drops it off and leaves.   As ordered by the government, foodpanda heroes ensure they stay within defined social distance of over 3 feet during all interactions.

Heroes are required to disinfect the delivery bags on arrival at a customer’s doorstep and step back to avoid human contact; this system is part of both foodpanda’s standard and Contactless deliveries.

To reduce the risk of virus spread, foodpanda encourages customers to make online payments through the app with receipts now being sent digitally to customers with no signature required.

Flat 30% discount for Mastercard holders

  The food delivery platform is now bringing to customers a flat 30% discount on Mastercard to have them enjoy a mix of cuisines delivered safely at home.

With a Mastercard from HBL, UBL, Askari Bank and JS Bank, foodpanda customers can avail this discount till the 20th of June on payments made online on the app .

Foodies can avail a 30% discount from any of the 2000+ eateries registered with foodpanda whether it's continental, desi, desserts, fast food, or 'Ghar Ka Khaana'.   Health safety, and social distancing at a time like this should be prioritised by all organisations which is why foodpanda has seamlessly adapted to newer protocols to ensure safety of orders and their heroes as they’re always on the go ensuring safe deliveries.

The food delivery platform aims to reunite locals with their favorite meals during lockdown, while safety, hygiene coupled with discounts on Mastercard is being taken care of on their the end, confirming that #foodpandaOnHai.

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Safi May 16, 2020 12:18pm
>granting them permission to carry on with work if their body temperature remains under 37°C. isn't that below normal?