Pakistani celebs create short film about Covid-19 from their homes

Pakistani celebs create short film about Covid-19 from their homes

From Shehzad Roy and Shaniera Akram to Anwar Maqsood, many teamed up without any brands backing them
24 Apr, 2020

Pakistani celebrities have been staying busy since Covid-19 became a global pandemic.

From partaking in ration drives to making donations and vocally raising their voices to spread information, they've been continuing to do their part. And can we just say, it's so much better than singing a weird cover of 'Imagine' by John Lennon. Sorry Hollywood, still not over that.

Now, 18 of them have teamed up to highlight important conversations surrounding the coronavirus.

The video includes Shehzad Roy, Shaniera Akram, Anwar Maqsood, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sheheryar Munawar among others as they all voice several issues while on call with each other. Shout-out to whoever wrote the dialogue, so witty!

The video ends with a note stating how it was executed "without advertising any brand". While the video did have us wondering whether the celebrities are displaying a lack of awareness of their, we're still glad that at least they're speaking up and encouraging social distancing, without letting any brand capitalise on it.


Laila Apr 24, 2020 06:54pm
If you want to enter most average homes, you need have a notice about Corona running before, after and during any drama serial and match. Just a banner with essential points. They keep alternating and showing on the bottom of the screen. You know like the promotional stuff for other shows, sponsors, ads? One liners. Short. Simple. Like "kya aap apny or dusron ke bhij me faasila rakhtay hain?" or "haath dona yaad rakha?" or "yaad rakhiye social distancing" or "Corona ke symptoms 2 haftay tak bi dikhay nai detey" or "symptoms khushak khaansi" etc.....leabe it to doctors and nurses to make these reminders. They know what they are talking about.
Asfand Apr 24, 2020 08:32pm
I really liked it. Excellent efforts. Kudos to all
mustafa abbas Apr 25, 2020 12:21pm
someone teach humayoon saeed to take off gloves.