Shamoon Ismail releases new song to hit back at trolls

Shamoon Ismail releases new song to hit back at trolls

That was fast! What if he was baiting us all along and his racist tweet and what followed after was PR for his new song?
Updated 02 Apr, 2020

Shamoon Ismail was recently in the spotlight for not the best reasons.

But it looks like he has a new track for his followers to enjoy. And considering the recent controversy surrounding the singer, track 'Rok Le' with its nonchalant lyrics has us wondering: was it all leading up to this?

The track opens with the verses "Mein label te nae jaanda, teri cable te nae aanda," and that reminds us of his deleted tweet after his apology.

Shamoon had posted and then apologised for a racist tweet about Covid-19 which felt insincere to his fans and followers.

He had initially responded to being called out for the apology by saying, "I have corrected myself to set an example cause people look up to me and I am answerable to a higher authority. Not because I am scared of a bunch and getting cancelled. I am not pushed on your TV or radio or on a subscription that’s paid for. I don’t owe anyone anything.”

Guess he was trying to say rok le... but then he sang it.