This digital agency in Karachi is helping new moms bring babies to work. Here's how

This digital agency in Karachi is helping new moms bring babies to work. Here's how

East River recently opened doors to its newest in-house facility: a welcoming, fully equipped nursery for employees.
08 Mar, 2020

East River, a four-year old digital agency located in Clifton Karachi, recently set up a nursery at their premises to help new moms care for their newborns while at work.

The organisation is celebrating and supporting Pakistani women this Women's Day in multiple ways; one of which is this initiative that marks East River as one of the very few agencies in Karachi that offer a facility of this sort.

Here are some other key details on what the agency has been doing to support working mums:

East River mums love the idea of an in-house nursery

Amina Baig tells us how the initiative helped her take on this new role in life.

Tooba Rindani feels the idea helped her balance personal and professional responsibilties.

Mums can bring helpers to work

The nursery is allowing employees to bring caretakers who can stay in and look after infants at the facility while mums complete work tasks.

The space is fully equipped

The nursery offers comfy nursing sofas, diaper-change tables, baby cots, cute toys and a lot more in a warm, colorful environment.

We feel the space not only encourages new mums to continue doing what they love, but also helps improve the environment of the workplace for other women and employees.

The nursery is a happy place for both mums and babies

Clean, colourful and happy, the place lets mums celebrate and acknowledge the bond they share with their infants, allowing to reduce the challenges working Pakistani mums face while trying to juggle responsibilities at home and at work.

Speaking of why the organisation felt that the initiative was important and timely, Manager HR and Administration at the organisation, Parishey Agha, told us, “No parent should have to choose between their career and their family. As a four-year-old startup that has a has an equal ratio of women to men, creating an environment where young mothers are given flexible hours and a safe space to bring their children to work with them was of paramount importance to us.”

Taking forward the idea of #EachForEqual, Team East River came together to tell the world that #ERDCares.

Have a look:

For more updates on what else East River is doing on the advertising front, head over to their official website.

This content is produced in paid partnership with East River.


Tariq Amir Mar 08, 2020 01:17pm
Wonderful. At least something is happening that is good.
Abdul Majid Mar 08, 2020 06:29pm
Real Change
Rashid Hussain Mar 08, 2020 11:40pm
@Tariq Amir YES, I support you and would like to request the employer to also arrange feeding materials for these babies as this small favor will result in enhancing the output of their mothers.
Faisal Mar 09, 2020 07:56am
Some companies allow that in the west.
Faru Mar 10, 2020 07:41am
Good initiative
Faru Mar 10, 2020 07:41am
Good initiative
Faru Mar 10, 2020 07:42am
Zahid Mar 12, 2020 12:02am
I m ready in this job