Solis Festival canceled midway as overcrowding collapses stage

Solis Festival canceled midway as overcrowding collapses stage

According to the management, many broke into the event with fake passes and it became too unsafe.
Updated 17 Feb, 2020

The Solis Festival returned to Islamabad on Saturday but was canceled midway.

People revealed that the event was crashed by rioters and a platform even broke, injuring many audience members.

After the rush and problems, the Solis management canceled the event, apologising to those who'd bought tickets.

According to them, the overcrowding was due to many printing fake tickets and breaking in; Solis released a statement about canceling the event.

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"We had to make the difficult decision to stop the event due to hundreds of individuals who fought their way through with fake tickets. This spoiled the night for everyone else that purchased authorized tickets."

"As always, security and safety is at the utmost priority for our festival attendees, vendors, sponsors and artists. We want all our fans to feel safe and happy at every show, and because of the actions of these individuals we weren’t able to do so."

The management also revealed that they will be issuing a further more detailed statement, "but for now want to thank our fans who purchased real tickets and came to genuinely enjoy the event."

However, the statement was not enough for many who took to Twitter to reveal what really happened and also share their dissatisfaction and outrage at the way things unfolded.

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