Why Iman Ali initially ignored her multiple sclerosis symptoms

Why Iman Ali initially ignored her multiple sclerosis symptoms

In a new video, the model spreads awareness about MS and shares her tough journey.
Updated 11 Feb, 2020

“Sometimes while reading a script, my vision starts to blur. Eight hours of sleep later, the fatigue still persists, and there is a constant fear of how the rest of the day would go,” says Iman Aly in a new Instagram video.

The causes are unknown, and there is no cure but that's exactly why the model and actor is keen on spreading awareness on what it is like living with multiple sclerosis and grappling with its symptoms.

“The saddest thing is that no one ever acknowledged that even with this condition, I never gave up. Kept working, and got married too,” she adds.

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"I was at the peak of my career in 2006. My picture was on the cover of every magazine. I was offered a role in a Shoaib Mansoor film. Everything was perfect. But then multiple sclerosis happened and it became the biggest challenge of my life. People don't know what multiple sclerosis is, what the symptoms are, how it feels, what the triggers are. It is very difficult to live with it."

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It can be frustrating to not be able to understand what's happening, and more so, how to cure it. In this chaos, Ali urges fans to be more aware about the disease so that unlike her, they do not brush off symptoms like numbness of the body as simply fatigue.

Many from the industry commented under her post offering love; Emmad Irfani reposted the video showing his support:

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Also known as a potentially disabling disease, multiple sclerosis is a disorder where an individual’s immune system is known to attack the protective sheath covering nerve fibers and in turn cause communication problems between the brain and the rest of the body.

We wish Iman sound health and happiness! You can find more info about symptoms and management here.


Raza Feb 11, 2020 01:58pm
You are a brave girl be strong and all prayers for you.
Saira Feb 11, 2020 05:06pm
A very brave woman! Salute her courage and will power, a beauty with substance. May we soon find a cure on MS, inshAllah.
Merewether Feb 11, 2020 09:07pm
That is really sad to know. I believe coconut oil and water help to ease MS conditions.
Arif Feb 12, 2020 01:17am
so much for hippa violation!
Dr Mahmood Ahmad Feb 12, 2020 07:58am
We cure with Stem Cells now.
Bravo Feb 12, 2020 08:40am
People should stop marrying cousins and siblings. Diseases like this are bound to cause genetic disorders.
Ali Feb 13, 2020 11:49am
@Dr Mahmood Ahmad ... there is no 'cure'....Stem cell therapy only works if one gets it done very early stage and it does not cure it but slows down the process.