Pakistani influencers are sharing stories on #TrustTouMustHai. Here are our favourite 5

Pakistani influencers are sharing stories on #TrustTouMustHai. Here are our favourite 5

Hamna Raza, Bazla Tauqir and others reveal stories of resilience that helped them become the influencers they are today.
Updated 01 Feb, 2020

Shoop Noodles only recently unfolded a series of activities under its #TrustTouMustHai campaign, and quite honestly we like what has so far come out.

Few weeks post the release of their TVC, we saw Shoop Noodles inviting Pakistani influencers to share interesting stories of how they dismantle stereotypes in their own unique ways.

Here's us discussing it all:

This badminton player proved that curves do not define her

Discussing how society highlighted her curves over talent, Sania Saeed says she slammed all body shaming comments that came her way and worked hard towards polishing her skill at the sport she loves.

The result:

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This fashion blogger fought hard to travel solo

We feel Bazla Tauqir's story gives out a very important message: sometimes all us desi kids need is our parents trusting us and letting us take a plunge.

Starting off on Instagram as an influencer who wasn't sure if her family would be happy with her work, Bazla is now all set to reach newer heights. Quite literally.

Read this:

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This CEO and mum of three isn't letting anybody tell her she's a bad mum

This mum blew minds - and stereotypes - by running her own blog full-time which she started while she was caring for her twins.

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Humna Raza tells the world how stepping out of your comfort zone is key

This story highlights that the only thing that bars us from realising our dreams is fear.

Humna reveals when she initially started running her public platform, she was bombarded with doubts from all around.

Read here:

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This mum uses her platform to discuss key social issues

Rida Syed publicly talks about experiences that sprouted out of motherhood for her, and drops important messages while at it.

Her story tells us she aspires to raise a feminist son.

Read here:

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We feel this campaign gives us a real glimpse of all that goes on behind the glitzy world of Instagram, and it's good to hear real stories that help our favourite bloggers create an impact.

For more interesting stories like these, check out the hashtag #TrustTouMustHai.

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