The idea plainly states 'trust tou must hai', but is the internet ready to accept the message? We try to figure.
The idea plainly states 'trust tou must hai', but is the internet ready to accept the message? We try to figure.

Shoop Noodles recently came up with a campaign that's telling us 'trust tou must hai', and we feel online reactions are showing us exactly why we need more campaigns like this in the future.

The campaign, in essence, relights the idea that nothing is impossible if we only stop gendering situations, roles and everything that comes in the way.

In the TVC, the protagonist is seen changing a tyre when the female actor steps in with a bowl of freshly prepped instant noodles; this is where the story aims to reverse gender roles.

We feel the concept ably switches stereotypical roles in the situation filmed.

Have a look:

Here's how the internet is reacting

Though we aren't too surprised at the kind of comments that are pouring in, we're discussing few that caught our eye.

Some resorted to attacking feminism

Some blamed the man...

Some relighted biwi roles

There you go! The woman's attire becomes a hot topic

Oh hello sexism...

We're glad some people out there realised all this as well

Here's how we feel

Sitting at the beginning of a brand new decade, we're compelled to think how so many women around us are successfully reclaiming heavily gendered roles and public spaces all around but are still subjected to such hate and prejudice online.

Women in our part of the world have been actively taking up newer roles that were once entirely male dominated; if women today are engineers, astronauts, computer technicians, why is it that something as trivial as fixing a puncture is considered such a huge deal on Pakistani streets?

And that's not all.

Taking this campaign as an example, we also see men getting trolled online for choosing roles or chores that are essentially considered a 'woman's job'.

Here's us giving two thumbs up to Shoop Noodles for highlighting these conversations which have become the very reason we need more brands to play a role in despelling age-old gendered campaigns.

For more updates on the campaign, head over to Shoop Noodles' Facebook page.

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